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Architectural Precast Concrete

Architectural Wall Panels

Architectural precast cladding combines the maximum freedom of architectural expression with the economies of mass production of repetitive precast elements.

Architectural precast concrete can be cast in almost any colour, form, or texture to meet aesthetic and practical requirements. Special sculptured effects can provide such visual expressions as strength and massiveness or grace and openness.

Design flexibility is achieved by varying aggregates and matrix colour, the size of aggregates, finishing processes, and depth of exposure. Combining colour with texture accents the natural beauty of aggregates.

Surface textures range from smooth, through a variety of ribbed, sandblasted and exposed aggregate finishes. Texture allows the natural concrete ingredients to be expressed, provides the mass with scale, expresses the plasticity of the material and improves its weathering characteristics.

Use precastsearch to consult with architectural precast concrete producers in the early design stages, and through the complete development of the contract documents. A continuing dialogue between designer and precaster will ensure the optimum quality of the product and its economical, efficient installation at the construction site.

Veneer-Faced Wall Panels

To supplement the incredible variety of colours and textures available with exposed aggregate architectural finishes; various other materials can be cast on the face of precast concrete panels. Natural stone (natural and polished granite, marble and various other types of stone) can be attached to precast panels. Panels are constructed to exacting tolerances as either solid or insulated units.

Some very complex brick faced panels have been precast in plants to produce results virtually impossible using field-set masonry. Attaching large or small ceramic tiles to the face of architectural panels provides an additional choice of exterior or interior finish.

Veneer faced architectural panels are produced in certified precast plants under tightly controlled conditions. The panels are quickly erected at the site, rapidly enclosing a building and speeding the construction process.

Sandwich Wall Panels

Insulated precast sandwich wall panels consist of two reinforced or prestressed concrete wythes with a continuous layer of rigid insulation sandwiched between. Panels are either custom-made or mass-produced in standard widths on long line casting beds. With attractive sculptured exterior surfaces and smooth finished interior faces, they inexpensively provide a strong, durable, energy efficient, fire resistant cladding system.

The type and thickness of insulation contained in sandwich panels varies with the R-value required for each building. The insulation is installed under controlled factory conditions and is well protected by the concrete.

Erected at rates of up to 120 linear meters (400 ft) per day on concrete or steel frame buildings, precast sandwich wall panels are available in a range of widths, lengths, thickness and exterior finishes.

Designed to stand without intermediate supports, they can be used for both load bearing and non-load bearing applications.

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