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Structural Precast Concrete

Hollow Core

Precast prestressed hollow core enjoys wide use in all types of residential structures; particularly multiple units where the repetitive use of standard components manufactured in a factory can be fully utilized.

Owners and designers alike recognize the significant benefits of superior fire resistance, sound control, durability and low maintenance, rapid construction and attractive flat ceilings.

The most common floor and roof elements employed are 1220 mm (48 in) wide, 205 mm (8in) deep untopped hollow-core units. These slabs can span up to 9 m (30 ft) or more without intermediate supports. Longer spans can be achieved by using 254 mm (10 in) or 305 mm (12 in) deep hollow-core units.

For hotels, motels and apartments the hollow-core slabs are oriented to either span between load bearing shear walls or to span from the central corridor to an exterior wall. Slabs can be cantilevered up to 1.8 m (6 ft) to form exterior balconies.

Bearing walls supporting hollow core slabs may be of wood, steel, masonry, precast concrete or cast-in-place construction. The use of precast walls speeds the erection process. Construction rates of 1 or more floors per week are often achieved.

Use precastsearch to contact a certified hollow core producer for your project. They will provide you with their standard sizes, details and load tables.

Double Tees

Precast/prestressed double tees offer beauty and flexibility in design. Double tees are ideal for floor and roof systems requiring medium to long, uninterrupted spans and heavy load carrying capabilities. Double tees come in a variety of widths and depths to suit different spans and loading conditions.

The remarkable strength of a double tee is the result of a design and manufacturing system that uses the best attributes of steel and concrete. Consider double tees for spans and loads that exceed the capacity of hollow core slabs (parking garages, swimming pools, food processing, large industrial buildings, etc.).

Use precastsearch to contact a certified double tee producer for your project. They will provide you with their standard sizes, details and load tables.

Precast Framing Systems

Precast concrete beams, columns, walls, frames and stairs are often the ideal solution for builders who want to achieve wide open spans, fire resistance, energy savings and attractive appearance with one structural system. These components are suited for both low and high-rise structures. The quality of the finishes has allowed many designers to expose the precast framing in the finished structure.

Highly durable, precast concrete support units can be quickly installed in all weather conditions. In addition to the main structure, ancillary recreation, parking and convention facilities are commonly constructed using precast concrete framing with long span roof and floor members.

Bridge Girders

Owners and designers are often surprised to learn that precast/prestressed concrete bridges and structures are usually lower in first cost than others bridges and structures. Coupled with long-term savings in maintenance, precast girders offer maximum economies.

Precast girders can be fabricated and transported in lengths up to 40 to 50 m (130 to 165 ft) and weights up to 75 to 90 tonnes. The spliced girder method of construction has extended the practical use of precast beams to span lengths of 75 m (250 ft) or more by erecting girder sections on scaffolding and joining and post-tensioning girder segments at the site.

Standard sections include I-girders, bulb tee girders, trapezoidal girders, solid slab girders, hollow slab girders, rectangular box girders, channel girders, single tee girders and double tee girders. Use precastsearch to contact a certified bridge girder producer for more information.

Special Products

Precast Piles
Typical shapes of precast prestressed concrete piling are square, hexagonal, octagonal and round - with a solid or hollow core. Piles are designed to resist compression, tension, bending and torsion forces during the manufacturing, transportation, handling and installation so the structural integrity and design purpose are achieved. Use precastsearch to contact a certified precast pile producer for your project.

Precast Poles
Low maintenance, competitive price, and the aesthetic appearance of precast concrete poles make them superior to steel or wood. Precast poles are used in utility, sports lighting, communication and area lighting applications. Use precastsearch to contact a certified precast pole producer for more information.

The ease and speed of installation means faster project completion and lower installed costs. Precast poles are corrosion resistant, provide long service life - in excess of 50 years and are cost effective.

Because of the minimal vibration and deflection, precast concrete poles offer greater service life to ballast for lights, microwave and communication equipment. Precast concrete poles can save erection time and money by eliminating the need for anchor base structures.

Precast Utility Products (Vaults, etc.)
Use precastsearch to locate manufacturers of standard and custom utility products. Precast vaults can be used for a variety of applications (power, communication and fibreoptics) in a variety of shapes and sizes. Vaults can be standard or designed to suit specific needs.

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